Combat Intel & ISR


The goal of the ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) process is a coordinated acquisition, processing, and distribution of timely, accurate, and relevant intelligence information to support the evaluation and decision-making process at the command and control level. ISR units from various domains (ground, maritime, aerial) play a crucial role in supporting these operations.

The solutions provided by JISR Institute support and enhance efficiency in this area. They ensure support for evaluation and decision-making processes independently of units or domains. These solutions are easily integrable into established Command and Control Systems (C2), as well as into the Battle Management System (BMS).

  • Comprehensive management, processing, utilization, and distribution of ISR products
  • Ensuring information superiority to support decision-making processes
  • Integrable with other C2 Systems/BMS
  • Collection, processing, and evaluation of data not only from Electronic Warfare (COMINT, ELINT, OSINT, HUMINT, MASINT, SATINT)
  • Tool for managing, processing, and utilizing Imagery Intelligence (IMINT)
  • CSD Management (ISR product database according to STANAG 4559 NSILI)