The CESMOS is a complex solution that enables sharing, fusion, and dissemination of ESM information. The system has the following features:

  • Tactical network, integration of customer´s EW assets of any kinds
  • Automatic/semi-automatic interconnection of EW assets to ESM Network
  • Tasking of assets
  • Visualization of DF distribution
  • Emitter geolocation
  • Text messaging
  • Cooperation assets information visualization

The system includes the following components:

  • CESMO Fusion and Coordination (CFC) – a software for network management, cooperating sensor assets tasking, data processing and Electronic Order of Battle (EOB) production and dissemination
  • CESMO Collector Asset (CCA) implementation – a software to be deployed at a cooperating sensor asset which allows receiving of tasks, reporting intercepted data and visualizing EOB
  • CESMO Adapter – a software tool utilizing access to the CESMO network
  • SimulANT – a simulation tool to support tests, trials and operator training