JISR Institute, a.s. is a Czech company providing comprehensive solutions and capabilities for Joint Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (JISR), Electronic Warfare (EW), and Anti-drone protection:

  • Complex C4ISR solutions including CSD and IMINT Management
  • NATO standardized CESMO Networking of COMINT/ELINT/ESM systems
  • EW Custom Hierarchy Scale CESMO Ready Command and Control
  • Tactical COMINT/ELINT/ESM Reconnaissance and Surveillance
    on vehicular, ship, UGV, and UAV platforms
  • Complex Counter-UAV/Anti-Drone Solution based on C4AD Management
  • Mission Planning, Real-time decision making, Datamining
  • All-level maintenance and training program
  • Proven in several missions and conflicts by the Czech Armed Forces
    and NATO
  • Supplier of NATO, military, defence, and security entities worldwide
  • Combat-proven systems and applications, more than 20 years
    of experience

JISR Institute is a developer of Complex multi-domain C4 Systems, which provide interconnection, improvement of assets capabilities, and enhance communication, coordination and cooperation within National Forces and also NATO Coalition Forces.