As a technology company, developer and system integrator, JISR Institute is dedicated to achieving the highest quality standards. We proudly adhere to ISO 9001 certification, ensuring that our processes, products, and services meet rigorous international criteria for quality management. This commitment reflects our ongoing efforts to provide exceptional value and reliability to our customers.


The management of JISR Institute, a.s. hereby commits to providing its customers with products and services that meet and, if possible, exceed their expectations to the fullest extent possible. JISR Institute, a.s. creates, processes, and maintains a quality management system to fulfill its business goals, activities, legislative, and contractual requirements.

All employees of JISR Institute, a.s. are involved in the realization of goals, programs, and tasks that support the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard and related legislation, aligned with the company's long-term strategy and customer requirements, with a focus on the principles of safety and reliability of products and services.

The management of JISR Institute, a.s. is committed to ensuring long-term employment and rewarding the investments and efforts of its employees. Within this commitment, maximum emphasis is placed on the essential role of all employees within the quality management system, and their utmost responsibility is required in fulfilling assigned tasks, contributing to the successful resolution of tasks and development of the company.

This commitment will be further fulfilled by:

  • Ensuring and complying with all legislative obligations related to the business activities of JISR Institute, a.s. and adhering to requirements in all areas;
  • Satisfying the current and future needs of its customers and developing long-term mutually beneficial relationships;
  • Constantly identifying risks, their identification, and taking measures to eliminate or reduce them;
  • Continuously and effectively improving working conditions for employees and external workers in the areas of occupational safety, hygiene, and fire protection;
  • Continuously motivating and leading employees towards responsibility, timely task completion, the application of lean manufacturing principles, and the correct approach to ensuring these requirements;
  • Employing professionals with the necessary qualifications and continually developing them;
  • Promoting and deepening awareness of the company's policy among all employees so that they are aware of the resulting rights and obligations;
  • Continuously improving the company's environmental behavior, particularly by increasing the proportion of material and energy waste utilization and reducing the energy intensity of operations;
  • Ensuring sufficient financial resources for planned investments in the technical and operational base, making production more efficient through constant modernization and development of technologies to maintain the trend of increasing quality, reliability, and safety of products;
  • Maintaining high-quality technical and operational infrastructure of the company.

The management of JISR Institute, a.s. commits to promoting and applying this quality policy and creating appropriate resources for its implementation, communication, understanding, and review. This quality policy is binding for all employees of JISR Institute, a.s., and no unauthorized changes or deviations are permitted.

 AQAP 2110

JISR Institute, a.s. is dedicated to upholding the highest quality standards in the defense and aerospace sectors. By adhering to AQAP 2110 requirements, we ensure our quality management systems meet the stringent demands of NATO. This effort highlights our commitment to delivering reliable, top-quality products and services to our clients.


JISR Institute, a.s. is certified with ISO and AQAP certifications.