VTOL EW is a specially modified system designed for conducting reconnaissance operations. Such reconnaissance operations are facilitated using a COMINT or ELINT sensor installed on the Skyspotter platform (can also be equipped with jamming capabilities). VTOL EW is remotely controlled from a mobile or stationary command and control station, where data processing and signal analysis are performed.

  • Enhanced efficiency of reconnaissance sensors/effectors.
  • COMINT/ELINT sensors and software for their management.
  • Option to use the jamming system as a payload.
  • Online/offline analysis of acquired data and signals (COMINT, ELINT, etc.).
  • Integration capability with higher command and control elements (CESMOS, C4EW).
  • Ability to integrate a wide range of sensor platforms (EO/IR, Lidar, etc.).
  • Includes a Ground Control Station (GCS) for managing the VTOL EW system.

The GCS is equipped with complex systems dedicated to command and control electronic warfare operations and ensuring analysis, processing, and evaluation of acquired data (according to user needs) from Electronic Warfare sensors. The deployment and mobility of the GCS station depend solely on customer requirements. The command and control station is typically located in ISO containers or vehicles.