ANDROMEDA is an anti-drone system commanded and controlled by JISRĀ“s C4AD software providing data fusion from an integrated network of sensors and effectors according to scenarios and threats. The great advantage of the ANDROMEDA solution is its capability to integrate any sensors and effectors platforms from several different manufacturers.

Objects and scenarios

The system is suitable for use to protect objects against civilian drones, as well as for protection against military drones in symmetrical types of conflicts.

  • Large-scale objects: airfields, powerplants, ammunition depos, industrial factories
  • Objects in urban areas: state buildings, military objects, critical infrastructure objects
  • Objects of special importance: convoy routes, delegations or official visits, mass sport and cultural events, meetings

Detection and elimination methods

  • RF detection with direction finding
  • Electro-optical detection
  • Radar detection
  • RF smart jamming
  • RF Cyber Takeover method