C-UAS Software C4PER


The Comprehensive C4PER system provides a complete situational overview, control over sensors and effectors, including data fusion from these systems. The system is capable of operating in manual, semi-automatic, and automatic modes. The software incorporates the following features:

  • Sensors & Effectors Management (effective ranges etc.)
  • Detection, identification and localization of enemy targets
  • Data fusion, processing, dissemination, and exploitation
  • Choosing a suitable elimination method
  • Automatic effectors targeting (directional jammer etc.) 
  • Complete Situational Awareness
  • Interconnection to other cooperating systems and information sharing
  • Manual/Semi-Automatic and Automatic working modes

C4PER includes a user interface that provides the following information on a map background:

  • Positions of sensors and effectors
  • Positions of all collaborating systems
  • Detected threats and their flight paths
  • Effective ranges of engaged sensors and effectors
  • Identified data on hostile UAVs