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Architecture and scenarios design based on analysis

JISR technologies Research & Development

Doctrines & education, training

Implementation & all life cycle logistic support


Joint Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (JISR) is the synchronization and integration of Operations
and Intelligence capabilities and activities, geared to provide timely information to support decisions.

Your future with JISR Institute

  • Early warning by complex survey
  • Timely countermeasures generation ability
  • Effective operation by systems, human resources and technology processes appropriate composition
  • Adjusted knowledge management
  • Maximum exploitation of existing technologies and systems and their integration and replenishment inc interface unification
  • Forces operation scenario generation by Your experts
  • About us

    We provide a comprehensive solution to achieve JISR capabilities

    JISR Institute can provide tailored solution for different missions and tasks for customers - army special JISR and EW teams. Resource "subject matter experts" principle.

  • Creating tactical and operational scenarios JISR

  • Complex supplies of technology JISR (C4, EW, …INT, UAS)

  • Design, development and Integration SW for JISR (special for EW)

  • Electronic warfare tactics and organization (EWTO)

  • Scenarios for antidrone solution

  • We cooperate with a lot of Czech companies who are expert in C4, ISR, EW and we can integrate their particular equipment or systems into complex turnkey solution. Local specialized companies can be involved in those kinds of projects as well.


    Nahraný obrázek

    SME team

    Subject matter experts

    Our worklow

  • Analyse Your requirements and environment by team of Subject Matter Experts (SME) with rich experiences
  • Design and deliver operational and technological solutions customized in accordance with Your requirements
  • Provide open interface for integration Your earlier established systems and for integration systems established in future
  • Cover needs of complex training and preparation.
  • Provide special technologies life cycle at end user