Electronic Warfare

JISR Institute´s Electronic Warfare Ecosystem is a complex modular solution for Electronic Warfare Command, Control, and tasks like Electronic Support Measures (ESM), Electronic Counter Measures (ECM), and Electronic Protected Measures (EPM) in symmetric and asymmetric conflicts as well.

Electronic warfare integrated solution is used for:


The complex C4 (Command, Control, Communications, and Computers) system C4EW is intended for supporting EW processes (tasking, planning, data collection, processing, analyzing, and dissemination of information) at the SEWOC/ EWCC/CFC command post and subordinate ESM assets.


The CESMOS is a complex solution that enables sharing, fusion, and dissemination of ESM information.

Tactical Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems

Complex Electronic Warfare Systems (COMINT and ELINT) are intended for surveillance and reconnaissance in the frequency range from 1 MHz to 40 GHz. These systems are designed to:

  • gain a description of the frequency spectrum and uncover the radio network structure of the enemy
  • localization of the enemy by means of ESM assets
  • acquirement of information from the enemy´s transmitted analog and digital communication systems
  • determination of the basic parameters of the communication and information systems by means of ESM assets

Tactical Communication Jammer

The communication jammer STAR COM is intended to prevent the use of the enemy´s communication system and also provide surveillance and reconnaissance even in proximity to the FEBA to combat domination in the radio spectra by means of electronic attack systems with radio jamming.

Protective Jamming Systems

These systems are intended for the protection of dismounted units, individual vehicles, convoys, VIPs, and of EOD teams against RCIEDs and hostile drones.