The Anti-drone system ANDROMEDA provides detection, tracking, and neutralization of unauthorized drones. ANDROMEDA is a tailored system that can be customized for any customer’s needs. Modular system ANDROMEDA with various sensors data fusions and effectors control:

  • radar detection,
  • radio detection,
  • electro-optical,
  • radio jamming.

The great advantage of the ANDROMEDA solution is its capability to integrate any sensors and effectors platforms from several different manufacturers. The specific sensors can be integrated and used by customer’s needs and is applicable to such as various platforms and scenarios:

  • Large-scale objects: airfields, powerplants, ammunition depos, industrial factories,
  • Objects in urban areas: state buildings, military objects, critical infrastructure objects,
  • Objects of special importance: convoy routes, delegations or official visits, mass sport and cultural events, meetings.

The JISR Institute offers three basic variants:

ANDROMEDA Stationary

The command and control station is situated in a stationary deployment (container or room) equipped with the supervision and control tool C4AD, which enables the automatic operation mode of the system with the possibility to enter the decision-making process in a given time interval by the operator.

  • suitable solution for protection of powerplants, stadiums, airports).


The system is installed into a vehicle (which can use one or multiple cooperating cars, each with its own set of sensors) to provide high mobility and protect more places according to current threats. 

  • suitable for protection of different types of objects.


This system is dedicated to be used by ground forces for its own protection. ANDROMEDA Light could also supplement the solutions above with components for manual detection, and elimination of targets and to ensure proper protection of the area of interest.