EWTIS is designed for the training of electronic warfare specialists within training premises and allows modelling of analog and digital radio networks and communication.

The solution provides training of electronic warfare specialists and near real-life conditions by modeling of analog and digital radio networks and communication.

EWTIS has the following functions and features:

  • Creation of simulated EW scenarios on a map underlay by defining and placing friendly and enemy units, by defining communication assets, networks and tasks sequences of units (combat activities, reconnaissance, communication check, message transmission, jamming, etc.)
  • Interactive simulation with the ability to change the course of the running scenario
  • Signals simulation in space, time, direction, with a given frequency, duration, signal type signal level and content of carried information
  • Integration with application software of radio reconnaissance and surveillance systems where the signals generated by the simulator are displayed and processed based on the parameters describing the signal
  • Evaluation of trainees, performance over time

EWTIS enables to provide training of up to 10 EW specialists simultaneously. Advantage is that user can define parameters of:

  • Communication assets and networks using editors
  • Analog and digital samples for signal transmission and
  • Content of transmission using Text to Speech module